Welcome to the TLC Photographic Studio,

your professional food photography experts!

As full-service experts with more than 35 years of experience in food styling and food photography, we handle all phases of food photography - from initial draft to professional execution - and the editing and graphic design of recipes, entire cookbooks and packaging. Leading photographers, professional chefs, creative food stylists and innovative media designers all work under a single roof at our ultramodern cooking and photography studio in Ramsdorf. This team expertly shines the spotlights on your food products!

*Come with us on a very special culinary world tour. We set your products or recipes according to your wishes nationaltypically in scene or provide you with great recipe ideas from around the world.


Our food photography portfolio is crammed with one-off commercials, brochure photo series' and photographs for complete sets of top-quality cookbooks, packaging materials or car branding. And, besides photography, we also handle editing work such as storytelling and the production of recipes.


As a full-service partner in the field of food photography, we gather all the disciplines necessary for the entire process – from initial draft to final print – under a single roof! That is our "recipe for success".


We support your project - from initial draft, photography, layout and imaging to final print. Our many years of experience, our passion and our creative ideas will make your project a great success.


Our chefs conjure dishes that are as fresh and visually attractive as possible, whether these are everyday recipes, culinary masterpieces or dazzling gourmet compositions. They only use top-quality ingredients.


Our creative food and ice cream stylists come up with well-planned and clever photographic concepts that result in mouth-watering food displays.


We cast the perfect light on your food items in our ultramodern photography studio, located in the unique ambiance of the oldest manor in Ramsdorf. Subjects ranging from individual food products to complete menus are expertly captured by our photographers.


In addition to photography, we also produce recipes and background articles or provide editorial support during the production of cookbooks. And our copywriters and editors compile the ideal storytelling copy for your project too.


We gladly support our local and foreign customers when it comes to one-off shoots as well as the production of full cookbooks. With its experience in international food, our team has meanwhile completed countless food shoots with great success.


Our creative experts form the greatest assets of the TLC Photographic Studio. We would like to invite you to contact us.

Johannes Schneider
Managing Director

Franke Veldman
Studio Manager / Food Stylist


Leon Luimes

Stefanie Brinkmann


Laura Großfeld


Olaf Rehmert


Tetiana Slizovska